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Can I distribute Cover songs?

Yes, but you need to contact us via email first ([email protected]).  You cannot upload cover songs from Control Panel. We distribute every cover song manually.

If you plan on distributing a cover song, you may need to first get permission (and possibly a license) from the original copyright holder to release your song digitally.

Cover songs should NOT include the original performing artist in the track title or artist field.


Hotline Bling (Originally Performed by Drake)
Hotline Bling (Cover of Drake)
Hotline Bling (Tribute to Drake)


Hotline Bling
Hotline Bling (Acoustic Version)

You can look into purchasing a mechanical license for a cover song from our partner Easy Song Licensing.

Important: iTunes, Amazon Music, and Napster do not accept soundalike cover songs (more and more stores are starting to take this stance as well).  A soundalike cover is a song that sounds very similar to the original.  Stores consider this content deceptive and misleading and do not want their customers to purchase this material by mistake.  If you distribute soundalike covers to these stores the content will get hidden and we will not be able to reverse this.

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