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When will I receive my sales report?

We receive sales report from digital partners on a quarterly basis. The reports are loaded 35-45 days after a quarter ends. Below you will find estimated report loading dates so you can be aware as to when you will see reports.

We can only pay royalties based on us receiving reports and of course payment from the partners that we distribute your material to.

Estimated Dates For Royalty Postings Are:

Quarter 1 (Q1): May 10th - May 15th (This covers January 1 - March 31)

Quarter 2 (Q2): August 10th - August 15th (This covers April 1 - June 30)

Quarter 3 (Q3): November 10th - November 15th (This covers July 1 - September 30)

Quarter 4 (Q4): February 10th - February 15th (This covers October 1 - December 31)

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