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How do sales and payments work?

You'll see a few different types of sales in your account.

Downloads: A download is a purchase of your music where the actual audio file is transferred to the customer's computer or mobile device. Every time someone downloads your music, you'll get paid.

Most of your download partners pay a standard rate for each song sold. However, some of our subscription-based download partners' payout rates change month to month based on their revenue for that period.

Streams: A stream is basically the same thing as a "listen." The customer is able to listen to your song on their computer, in their car, on their mobile device, but they are not purchasing the song to own. No file is downloaded. Payments for streams vary from fractions of a penny to a few cents per play.

Streams fall into two categories:
1.Tethered streams, where your device/computer must be online in order to hear the music.
2.Non-tethered streams, where your player can stream songs while NOT connected to the internet, as long as the streaming service has verified the customer has paid their subscription fee for the month. No pay - no play.

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